Thursday, June 16, 2005

Finally get a way out.

The dead hard drive has made me in a disaster in the last three days, thanks for Dave's help, without his help, I may spend much more time to recover the data.

The hard drive we ordered from CompUSA finally came this morning, but it is not what we had hoped. We hoped that there is an internal SATA that we can swap my bad disk in, but it's not the case. Another way dead.

Then Dave suggested that I can try another SATA - IDE bridge card, I went to microcenter to get it, tried it again on his computer. The computer cannot recogize the drive. Another way dead.

The only way left is to run the system on WinPE from CD-ROM based on suggestions from before putting it into the freezer. Dave helped me burn a CD again. You know what, it worked!!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dead hard drive.

I have tried to run the Maxtor Hard Drive Self -checking utility (with Chris's suggestion) , and the drive is not good.

We have tried to put the hard drive in another computer yesterday, it is not even starting.

I also checked the order you made yesterday, and that hard drive is supposed to come tomorrow, I am going to swap my drive into that USB box, and I hope this at least will make the main computer with good drive boot.

I am suggesting the following steps:

1> If the drive is readable , we can simply copy the data out. ( I seriously doubt on that).
2> If the drive is not readable, we can try the GetDataBack, the good thing about this is that you can check how much files you can recover before buying the license code. (Scan is free, and copying needs license).
3> If 2> doesn't work, I read some posts that some people successfully get the data out by freezing the hard drive overnight, I will give it a try.
4> If nono of them work, then I probably have to rewrite some codes. As I told you guys, most of my codes are in source safe, especially important ones, but there are still quite a few recent updates not in source safe , and some utility programs I wrote. I will spend some extra hours to do some code recovering from my brain.

But I think Dave and you have much more experiences on that, so give me hints if you guys have.

I will take this afternoon off, and work on Saturday morning.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Roland Weigelt's GhostDoc

Roland Weigelt's GhostDoc

I have been looking for this plug-in for the whole day. I firstly heard about that in the Day of .Net Columbus meeting, but really didn't pay attention to that. Suddenly today, I find I desperately need this tool to help me write some comments.

It is good that I find it finally.

Microsoft AntiSpyware blocks tests from running.

I had tried using Team System Test in VS2005 to develop test projects, but everytime when I started the test, the result shows "aborted", and Microsoft AntiSpyware pops up a box quickly.

This issuue has driven me nuts for a while until I found a known issue here:

Issue: Microsoft AntiSpyware blocks tests from running.

Details: If Microsoft AntiSpyware's real-time protection is enabled with the default configuration, the running of unit tests will be blocked and all tests will end in Aborted.

Workaround: Deactivate the Script Blocking Checkpoint in Microsoft AntiSpyware.

1. Open Microsoft AntiSpyware.
2. Select Real-time Protection.
3. Click the "Application Agents" link in the Security Agents Status panel.
4. A list of Application Agent Checkpoints will be displayed. Scroll down to find "Script Blocking."
5. Click on the "Script Blocking" checkpoint.
6. From the "Checkpoint Details" pane, choose "Deactivate Checkpoint."